Top Connector FPC 0.5PH Bottom Contact Style Back Flip H1.2 40 PIN

Part NO.:RHT-616-0116
Tags: FFC/FPC Connector,PCB Mount,0.5 Pitch,40PIN,Bottom Contact,Back Flip,Solder Type,1.2H


  • Offer the best combination of signal
  • Superior contact reliability, compactness, wide circuit size range
  • Narrower width and shorter length dimensions, provide additional space savings
  • Supports high-speed Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • 12 Months Quality Insurance
  • Free sample available for quality test
  • Can be Customized for unique material or performance requirement

Major Technical Characteristics

Voltage (max.)  50V
Current (max.) 0.5A
Contact Resistance  40 milliohms max.
Insulation Resistance  50 Megohm min.
Durability (min.) 25 cycles
Operating Temperature -40°C~ + 125°C