Waterproof D sub 3w3 Straight Female Machined Solder Type

Part NO.:RHT-681-1183
Tags: D-sub,Waterproof,Female/Jack,Straight/180°,Machined,3w3,Cable Connector,Solder Type,IP67


  • Interfacial seal to ensure function even when immersed
  • Better against mechanical impacts during installation
  • 12 Months Quality Insurance
  • Free sample available for quality test
  • Can be Customized for unique material or performance requirement

Major Technical Characteristics

Contact resistance 10 mOhm
Current rating signal 7,5 A
Dielectric with standing voltage signal 1000 V
Working voltage signal 125 V
Working Voltage 1000V
Extraction force 30N
Insertion force  30N
Operating Temperature -25°C~ +125°C