Micro USB Female 5 Pin SMT Type 180 Degree for PCB Mount

Part NO.: KY-MICRO-05T45
Tags: Micro USB,Type B,5Pin,Straight/180째,Female/Jack,SMT,PCB Mount


  • More compact than Mini USB, meets environmental, health and safety requirements
  • Full metal shielding, Flexible application
  • Easy and Quick usage, Convenient recharging and communication
  • 12 Months Quality Insurance
  • Free sample available for quality test
  • Can be Customized for unique material or performance requirement

Major Technical Characteristics

Volatage Rating 100V AC (rms)
Current Rating 1.0A MAX
Contact Resistange 10 milliohms max
Insulation Resistange 1000M ΩMin
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500 V DC/1min
Durability 10,000 cycles
Mating force 35N max
UNmating force 10N
Operating Temperature -55°C to +85°C