Coaxial D SUB 13W3 Power Connector 180°Male Staking and Solder Type For Cable Mount

Part NO.:RHT-681-1237
Tags: Combo D-sub, Straight/180°,Power D-sub,Male/Plug,Cable Connector,Solder Type, 13W3,Staking type


  • Space saving,Cost-effective
  • Large variety of mounting options,RoHS Compliant
  • 12 Months Quality Insurance
  • Free sample available for quality test
  • Can be Customized for unique material or performance requirement

Major Technical Characteristics

Current Rating Signal & Power Contacts 300 VRMS at 50 Hz
Frequency range 0 -1 GHz
VSWR 1.4 (+0.04/GHz)
Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohms
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage ≥ 1000V R.M.S. at 50Hz
Insulation Resistance ≥ 5000 megaohms at 500 V D.C.
Contact Resistance ≤5 milliohms
Mechanical operations up to 500
Operating Temperature 67°F (-55°C) to 311°F (+155°C)