D-sub connector Introduction

Professional d-sub apply to PCB ,LED,and all sorts of equipment.It is divided into Density D-sub ,Power D-sub,Coaxial D-sub ,Waterproof D-sub . D-sub accessories and Other D-Sub (like Dual Port, Filter, Special Layout) we have it!Renhotec offers a complete line of standard and custom D-Subminiature connectors in both vertical and right angle, solder and press fit.

D- sub  connectors are widely used in industrial applications  worldwide.Structural standards,easy for installation .It's on the computer and so many many aspects.

D-sub connectors were arguably the first and most widely established In/Out (I/O) interface connector and are so called because of their trapezoidal (vaguely “D” shaped) shell which provides mechanical protection, shielding and an inbuilt polarisation when mating male to female, whether cable-end or panel mounted.

They’re still amazingly popular in control and instrumentation; audio, communications and I/O from Printed Circuit Board applications.

There is  a steel shell in the common Dsub connector, normally plated with nickel or tin although for anti-magnetic applications the base material may be brass and Stainless Steel shell versions are also built.

The shell / housing /cover  on the male dsub connectors is normally “dimpled” to create good electrical continuity with the mating female, thus ensuring EMI/RFI shielding if screened cables have been terminated to the shell. D-subminiature connectors are available in five standard shell sizes: 9, 15, 25, 37,50,104 way plus High Density versions with 15, 26, 44, 62 or 78 contacts. The dimensions of dsub connectors are generally in accordance with IEC 60807-2 (was DIN 41652), BS9523 F0018, MIL-C-24308 and satisfy IEC Recommendation 48B; because of this they are compatible and interchangeable acoss manufacturers.

D-sub connector with structural Criterion ,beautiful appearance,easy to install,meet a lot of criteria.

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